I have worked on a number of microsites and have a number of ongoing projects which you can see below. You can also take a look at my work on GitHub.


Screenshot snippet of the HTML5 Bones website
HTML5 Bones, an ongoing project that provides a set of files that can either be used as templates or as guides on how to use some of the new HTML5 elements. The source is also available on GitHub.
Screenshot snippet of the ARIA Bones website
Similiar to HTML5 Bones, ARIA Bones, ARIA Bones is a series of templates which aim to show how WAI-ARIA can be used to make HTML more accessible. The source is also available on GitHub.
Screenshot snippet of the Mr. Sherlock Holmes website
The Adventures of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. A project that aims to bring the written world of Sherlock Holmes to the browser, allowing the reader to enjoy the adventures of Sherlock Holmes in an easy, readable manner.


Screenshot snippet of Toby Manley's website
Single page website for London based actor Toby Manley.
Screenshot snippet of Natasha Pring's website
London actor Natasha Pring wanted a similar website to Toby Manley's and I delivered.
Screenshot snippet of the HTML5 Multimedia: Develop and Design website
Accompanying resource website for my book HTML5 Multimedia: Develop and Design.


Screen shot of the Are Google's Bouncing Balls HTML5? website
A response to the furore surrounding a “Google Doodle” that many mistakenly thought was built using HTML5 and canvas.
Inspired by Rob Hawkes, Mark Brenig-Jones and Emile Petrone.